Board Members

     Pat Malara-Sandy Point Shores
     Tom Larsen-Sandy Point Shores
     Gary Kitching-Sandy Point Heights
     Sean Kilgus-At Large
     Jim Kolbo-At Large
     Kym Embrey-Sandy Point Heights

Corporate Officers

President: Pat Malara
Vice President: Gary Kitching
Treasurer: Kym Embrey

Governing Documents

Bylaws & Articles of Incorporation can be viewed here

Other Documents

To read details on the Jepson Class B Stock Transfer, click here

To read the Supplemental Statement Re: Class B Shares (12/2012), click here

2015 AGM Meeting Minutes, click here


Monthly Board Meeting Schedule:  

Archive Minutes

If you would like to see minutes prior to the last posted date, please contact the office.

Questions for the Board ?

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