Block Watch 

News update:

On the night of June 9th an alert resident on Matia Dr. called 911 around 2:00 AM when they spotted a home being burglarized.  Household items were being loaded into a truck.  The suspects were arrested on Slater Rd. Good work and continue to call 911 when you note suspicious activity

Please visit our web page to see the meeting schedule and additional information on the Block Watch program at Sandy Point. All residents (including renters) of the Sandy Point and surrounding area are welcome and encouraged to participate.

For more information or to volunteer, please email 

Emergency Information

Call 911 in case of emergency


Report Criminal Activity

The Whatcom County Sheriff's Office has tip lines for reporting criminal activity in Whatcom County.  The phone number to report drug activity is (360) 676-6952.  The phone numbers for other criminal activity are (360) 715-7459 or toll free 1-866-456-2157.  As this is a voicemail system, you are able to remain anonymous if you wish, or you can leave your
personal information and a Detective will return your call if needed.